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Of turds buyers

About two months ago in March, I bought an Non-Retina iMac...exclusively because, you know, cheap. I came to regret the purchase almost instantly (also because due to a shi*ty home network, the iMac doesn't let me browse the internet), so of course I put it for sale on the platform where I sold my old pcs....and, just like for those computers, I got contacted by several absolute turds.

The last and (so far) dumbest one was a guy from a collective buying power group who "harassed" me for two days trying to convince me to sell the iMac to his group; I refused for two reasons: the guy wanted me to ship the iMac to him - which is not happening, my ad is very clear about that - and he also tried to feed me some "a group is the same as a private citizen" BS...not to mention an iMac is a bit different from a groceries list. When I refused to sell him the iMac, he got pi*sed and called me a rude bi*ch....when he was the one trying to buying something pretending to disregard and ignore the sale's terms. Sorry, but that's not how things roll. That guy needs a serious reality check.

Another buyer (a girl) instead try to convince me for days to lower my old Huawei phone's price using sadness emojis...and she really thought that would work....as if. ROFL

Sorry for the rant, but the guy managed to pi*s me off and I needed to vent.
See you all next time; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on May 11 2019 | 0 your truths

Of a-hole sellers

‪I need a new phone because mine is no longer getting system and above all security updates, so I looked for online deals - on the same italian platform I’m using to sell my HP laptop....and you wouldn’t believe the a-hole I talked to.

‬‪While browsing the platform I saw a pretty good deal for a Huawei Mate 10 Pro, so I started negotiating price; sadly the seller’s final price was too high for me so I refused its offer, renounced the deal and moved to a new one, thinking that first one was closed....except it wasn’t.
‬‪Today the first seller came back willing to accept my price offer....and got absolutely pissed when I told him I was negotiating another deal - because I believed the one with him was closed for good. He started spewing BS on how he came first so I *had to* buy his product to honor the deal....sorry, but WTF? I hadn’t to do sh*t. I had - stating that crystal clearly - renouced the offer, so any deal that might have existed (and no active one did) was over and sealed and I had every right to start a new negotation with someone else....and sure as fu*k I didn’t *have to buy* anything from him or anyone else.
‬‪Short story, I put the douchebag back in his place - showing him proof that I had renounced the deal so his claims had no ground - and next Monday I have a meeting to pick up my new Samsung Galaxy A9. n.n

‬‪Sorry for the sudden rant, but I had to share this story...the delusional arrogance of that man is astounding.
‬‪Anyway. See you all on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on January 18 2019 | 0 your truths

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