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Of entitled a-holes

I often think of dropping my online selling....because I'm so fu*king tired of dealing with timewasters, sca*mers and above all entitled cheapskates. Today's specimen of the latters in particularly brought this feeling strongly to the forefront...although his audacity was so strong story is kind of funny.

In short: a guy offered first $110 then $120 for a $215 tablet -- which is already K2-levels of entitlement (one must be beyond arrogant to think a seller would accept such a low offer...we're talking 100+ bucks less than the set price); each time I told him "price not negotiable", but he seemed to not understand. So, to make sure I was being absolutely clear, I specified $215 was the final price....at which the guy claimed he had misread the ad priced as being $130....yeah, my foot. Besides the fact that "price unchangeable" means final price would've been $130, there's no fu*king (realistic) change of "misreading" 130 instead of *215* -- one must be beyond entitled to believe someone would fell for such a dumb excuse....the proof of that is how, when I merely hinted politely at not really believing his BS and "joking" on how he hadn't misread but just tried, the a*shole didn't even try to argue and instead just vanished. LMFAO

This in the end made me laugh, so I thought to share the story and for once make you too laugh.
See you all next entry; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on January 19, 20240 veritatem

Of deluded cheapskate buyers

One of the first type of buyers coming forth whenever I post an offer/ad for a new item on sale is the delusional cheapskate, the one who cannot distinguish between a marketplace and a flea market and as such believes the dumb equivalence used = junkyard scrap no matter how "used" the product actually is. Today's one though has to be most delusional I've ever come across.

The item this is all about is a 9th gen. iPad 256GB -- which new/sealed retails for about $550-560 in my country these days -- I bought just 3 weeks ago (so under Apple warranty for another 11 months) which I used literally 2 times; the iPad is basically brand new and for this I listed it for $550....well, the a-hole took objection to my price and very condescendingly asked me if I knew how much the tablet costs; when I told him I very much did, and showed him the receipt with the purchase date to explain why I'm not selling it off, the dumb-dumb left with what was clearly an excuse. Since I'm a little sh*t, right after finishing with the m0ron I lowered the iPad's price to $545....well, the cheapskate wasn't condescending and patronizing any longer after that -- he got pi*sed when I told him he had disqualified himself as buyer with his rudeness and insulted me....which got him blocked on the platform and laughed at here. LMAO

The guy and his BS were too hilarious — he really takes the cake for delusional buyers — and I really had to share this, so that you too can laugh at this guy's deluded audacity.
See you on next post; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on December 05, 20230 veritatem

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