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Of kids and Macs

[EDITED ON 03.18] I bought the MacBook Air. ^.^ "My" retail tech store was having a Father's Day promo, so I was able to get the MacBook Air 13" 256GB for € 1099 (full price is € 1350); I already bought a case and a keyboard cover for it on Amazon. I'm waiting until I have both to unbox the MacBook....I'm so excited. xD [/EDITED]

I’m thinking to get a MacBook Air - as my 2-years-old MacBook Pro mid-2012 is not the best to carry around - so I’ve been watching lots of Macs unboxing videos on YouTube (mostly MacBook Air of course, but I’ve watched MacBook Pro and iMac unboxings as well)...and I’ve been left staggering at how many of these videos are made by young teens or even children. O.O

I’m not a fan of the habit of giving computers and tablets to kids under 15-16 years old to begin with, because it’s guaranteed they’ll be careless with them; that’s why I get really pi*sed when I hear those brats bragging about their MacBook as if they paid it with their own money, when in reality they are spoiled rotten children who didn’t pay for sh*t. And my irritation only grows when I hear their most common “I need it to do homework” excuse....which is BS - they certainly don’t need a $1300 computer for that, a $400-500 Windows is more than enough. But no. These children are the apple in their overgrown-kiddie parents’ eyes, so a normal laptop is of course not good enough for their precious babies....what a pile of disgusting, utter tripe. >_<

Sorry for the rant, but seeing those kids boasting and showing off their Macs when other people have to work their arses off to afford one makes me puke; gonna go watch the Oscars, that’ll surely make feel better.
See you all next time; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on March 04 2018 | 0 your truths

Couriers messes

[EDITED ON 01.30] New Amazon shipment....same courier, same near-mess - courier put the items in the mailbox without ringing, thank God I learned from experience so I didn't open a replacement order; I wish Amazon would stop using that sh*tty piece-of-crap courier, there's plenty of much better ones. v_v [/EDITED]

I’m talking about a specific italian courier (*cough*GLS Italy*cough*), who is pretty famed for having an absolutely abysmal service - they lose a lot of packages, their shipments are always late, they don’t ring the doorbell just leaving the pick-up notice in the mailbox (I was home and saw this from the camera on my gate), and much more. This time they topped (more like bottomed) themselves, though.

I had been expecting an Amazon UK package (containing one DVD and one book), set to arrive tomorrow; when I woke up today at 10:30 am the items were listed as delivered into my hands at 9:30 am....except I never saw the courier and neither did my parents. So, a chat session with Amazon’s Customer Care ensued to see where was my order and have the items resent - Amazon went further and refunded me the shipping fee; this afternoon, while collecting ours and my aunt’s mail, I found out courier had put the package in my aunt’s mailbox (whose house is right beside mine, but still the wrong street number)...without ringing any doorbell. I’m sure of that because I spoke with my aunt to get the shipment and she said she had been home all morning and nobody had rang at her door. After this, more chats with Amazon ensued to get the replacement order canceled - which hasn’t yet, and the items have even been dispatched....a fu*king overall mess and a huge pain in the arse.
This is not the first time that courier messes up my Amazon orders (on both UK and Italy stores), and I’ve complained every time - and I bet I’m one among thousands, consider how sh*tty the courier is - but so far Amazon keeps using it; let’s hope they finally get the hint and strike it off their list.

Sorry for the rant, but this was the last straw in a series of fu*k-ups made by that courier and I needed to vent.
See you on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on January 22 2018 | 0 your truths

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