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Of bonkers (or disturbed) drivers

I’ve heard people can transform into raging psychopaths while driving, but I didn’t truly realize to what extent until today. The driver I came across was absolutely insane.

While returning from an errand, I had to slam on my car’s brakes to avoid a car incoming fast from the side of a roundabout. The car behind me didn’t like it and honked angrily; I gave the driver the universal “what d’ya want?” sign and drove on….until he sided me and made threatening gestures. My reply was not very nice - but most definitely earned due to his rash (over)reaction - but either way it didn’t warrant what the driver did: after trying to make me pull over on the roadside, when I didn’t this person followed me all the way to my town….O_O The driver probably thought he could follow me straight home or that I would stop somewhere, but in both cases his goal clearly was to try threatening or even attacking me….I wouldn’t be surprised if he copied my car’s license plate — but even if he did, he’ll still be sh*t out of luck as the fact he tried to stop me and above all FOLLOWED ME all the way to my town (with obvious and clear VIOLENT intentions) put him instantly in the wrong…and make him lawfully liable and chargeable for threats, harassament, stalking and more.

Sorry for this, but this person’s behaviour pi*sed me off - and tbh scared me a bit as well - and I needed to vent.
See you next time; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on August 24 2022 | 0 your truths

Of entitled, deluded buyers/scammers

While sometimes rewarding (like finally managing to sell my 2019 touchbar MacBook Pro last June-July….YEEESSSS!!!!!), selling your stuff online is mostly a frustrating pain-in-the-butt endevour; this is mainly due to the huge number of scammers and especially deluded/entitled/cheap timewasting pseudo-“buyers” you come across - finding a serious buyer among this crowd is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. The latest “buyer” story is a perfect example of why selling online is not for the faint of heart.

A guy contacted me on Facebook Marketplace, and asked me if I would ship an over $500 laptop to him so that he could try it out and then decide if it was worth buying. At first I thought he was joking, but he was dead serious; when I refused, politely explaining to him that for items needing shipping I require payment in advance, he tried to change my mind in different ways - including lying about needing the laptop for his non-existing child’s school classes and sad emojis LOL - even going as far as to offer me a deposit as proof he was committed (yeah, committed to get the item for free or at a fraction of the price LMAO). Upon realizing I wouldn’t budge, he vanished without reading let alone replying again.
This happened a couple of days ago and to today my mind is still boggling….I can’t decide if that guy was a downright scammer or just that much entitled and deluded. I want to think he was a scammer, because if it’s the other case - which sadly wouldn’t surprise me given how many “buyers” like him I’ve talked to - then I’m very worried for humanity’s fate.

Sorry for the rant, but I’ve been stewing on this for a couple of days now and I needed to let it out.
See you all on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on August 21 2022 | 0 your truths

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