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Of creepy buyers

I finally managed to seal the deal on my two phones for sale (both were delivered into the buyers’ hands day before yesterday YAYY!!), but to do that I had to go through some specimens of humanity I'd like to never meet again in multiple existences....the last of them being the worst.

The guy contacted me about the costlier phone; after we sealed the deal (setting up the delivery meeting and everything), he started sending me WhatsApp vocal messages - 2-3 of them each day. At first he asked me help on how to do some tasks on the phone (googling them would’ve been much faster), but then the messages became pretty random and he started talking and generally addressing me as if we were long-time friends. That gave me strong “unease” vibes, so I cancelled the sale with an excuse....and it turns out my gut was right: in his last message the guy talked about meeting and having lunch together as if, again, we were close friends (and not two strangers about to meet once and for like 5 minutes)....WTF!?
That really creeped me out. That guy is not a friend. He’s not even an acquaintance; he and I never even met in person, we just talked on the phone once and chatted on WhatsApp - not for long and only to finalize the delivery of a phone I was about to sell him - and that is sure as he*l not enough to become friends. So I blocked him on WhatsApp....and I hope he will not call again, as I don't want to be rude - even if he creeped the fu*k out of me.

Sorry for the mini-rant, but I really need to share this in order to get it out of my chest.
See you all next time; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on September 23 2019 | 0 your truths

Immigrant buyers...never again!!

Since I started selling some of my old pcs and phones - on the italian platform I mentioned in my previous posts - and because I’m selling most of them for (relatively) cheap, lots of the buyers who have contacted me were immigrants....to whom I’ve decided not to sell anything aymore as they have, times and times again, proven to be absolutely unreliable and unstrustworthy. The episode I’m about to tell you is a good example of why.

The latest immigrant buyer who got in touch with me was interested in my old phone (which I’m selling for about $145); he told me he immigrated to my country almost 15 years ago, and to cut it short he seemed very legit. So I decided to seal the deal: he agreed to the price and we set the date and hour for the delivery....here comes the unreliability: when I contacted him the day before delivery to confirm everything, he told me he would pay me in 10 days....but expected me to give him the phone anyway, and he was pretty surprised when I refused. He really thought I’d give away the phone based on a vague promise of payment....sure I would...when donkeys will fly. ROFL

That’s just the latest episode, and comes after a series of other experiences with immigrants buyers - to whom I was willing to sell because I know not all are the same - which include buyers unable to speak a word of italian which made impossible to negotiate with them, immigrants asking for discounts using the most ridiculous and pathetic (and absolutely fake) excuses ever, buyers coming to the delivery meeting with less money than asked for (and agreed on) and expecting to buy the phone anyway, others not even showing up at the delivery meeting at all....and many other experiences of that kind that only cemented the idea that immigrants are not reliable nor trustworthy buyers.

Sorry for this (very long) rant, but this experience was the last straw and I had to share so to let out some steam.
See you all on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on June 01 2019 | 0 your truths

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