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Of (not so) temporary insanity

I’ve always been a bit crazy...probably more than a bit, to be honest. LOL But what I think what I did this month tops everything else crazy I’ve ever done; but let me share the details and explain.

For the past year I’ve been considering testing out the services of a new mobile provider that broke onto my country’s market a couple of years ago, but I’ve always dropped that idea because my current provider is excellent and I’ve always been extremely happy with it.
I’ve also been thinking about getting a secondary phone and above all number to deal with the swamp of messages from scammers (because of the stuff I’m selling online) coming to main phone and above all to keep the latter hidden. And since I’m kinda fed up with Android phones, I’ve been looking at iPhones as secondary device.
Anway. Last Sunday I was on the aforementioned mobile provider’s site and decided to stop procrastinating, so I finally bit the bullet...and got myself a new phone number and contract; right now I’m waiting for their SIM card to arrive (but it should be here in a few days) so that I can activate and use it. And since I don’t want to use the SIM card on my main phone, I decided to buy an iPhone on Amazon; my idea was to get an iPhone XR 64GB (the model I had been looking at as secondary phone) but, again because I’m crazy, I ended up getting an iPhone 11 128GB (which is about to be shipped to me) - Amazon was having a huge deal on it, but I still paid it around $880 (more precisely 749 Euros)...I paid 880 bucks for a secondary device....O. M. G. o_o
If that ain’t insane, I don’t know what is. What’s it’s even crazier is, if I have to be completely honest with myself, that in truth I got the iPhone mainly because I wanted it to play around with iOS 14 widget....O. M. F. G. LMFAO

Sorry for the craziness-infused post, but I couldn’t keep this down any longer and had to share it. Hopefully you found it at least a little bit funny.
See you on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on October 07 2020 | 0 your truths

Of traded “gift” designs

[EDITED ON 06.01] The person (about whom I forgot to mention that they tried to hide their identity by posing as different members of their family, by changing username and accounts multiple times and by opening new sites whenever their BS caught up with them) is back. Today I found out they broke the rules of my graphics site by making modifications that are not allowed to a design, and when I “confronted” them about it they didn’t even acknowledge it (talking as if the issue only concerned a detail of the design). That’s it. I’m done. I’m gonna find out their IP and I’m gonna block them from viewing any site I own. [/END EDIT]

I absolutely can’t stand people who act all nice, soft and generous, only for it to be revealed as fake and a mean to the end of getting something in return, and when they’re caught they start lying and going around acting like they’re victims - when in truth they’re actually the bullies.‬

There is a person notorious in pretty much all graphics communities (Deviantart, the anime gfx community, the siteworld, etc.) for being basically a lying and harassing bully; they have been going around (for almost a decade now) on sites’ cboxes asking for free things, and whenever they got/get denied they start spreading lies and acting like they’re the ones being bullied by mean people - when it’s actually the other way ‘round; this person has shown this attitude several times with several designers. And they lie not only when denied, but in order to get things as well....and that’s what they did to me.
I’m someone who believes in second chances (this person has had fourth, fifth and beyond chances already), so when this person contacted me sounding like they had finally grown up, knowing their track record I was of course wary but still decided to trust them; so we talked and they even made me a gift....which wasn’t a gift at all, but turned out to be an item to trade in exchange for the thing they were interested in getting. Everything, the kindness and softness and the “gift”, was fake, nothing more than a deceitful and interested attempt to get what they wanted. I of course shut that sh*t down immediately and called that person out upon their behaviour and, after seeing that their tries to guilt-trip me using sob gifs and images (could they be more childish? O.M.G.) didn’t work, they vanished without being heard from again - but it won’t last. That’s that person’s m.o.: after getting caught, they disappear and lays low for a while until they think people forgot what they did and they’re free to try it again without getting caught (which never works/happens LMAO). By the way, this person is over 30....and setting new standards for immaturity.

Sorry for the long rant, but this person made me so mad and I need to vent - and they deserve to be outed for the troll they are.
See you all next time; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on May 09 2020 | 0 your truths

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