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Tomato Brain

That’s how the people who use and consider RottenTomatoes valid should be called; but let me explain why I say so - and after I do, you’ll agree with me.

Today I went to watch Robin Hood with Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx (and I absolutely loved it ♥♥ ); on RottenTomatoes the movie has a score of 52% and is described as a silly cash grab with confusing action scenes and little of Robin Hood, which translates to “the film is sh*t because it doesn’t tell the story the usual way”....as if not being the (umpteenth) traditionally-set screen version makes it automatically bad. That way of thinking is nothing but sheer narrow-mindness.
It’s true the movie is not historically accurate or a by-the-book depiction of the canonical legend, but as I see it there are already too many Hood movies like that. This new version spins things around - starting from the opening battle scene (which is a parallel with the real world) and the final twist - and visually shows us (with the set, clothes, characters, etc.) how and why the Robin Hood tale is literally ageless.
If people don’t see or understand that, it doesn’t mean the film is bad....it means those people need to broaden their (prejudiced) horizons - the same horizons that made the RottenTomatoes “reviewers” rate Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur movie as sh*t exclusively because it had a David Beckham few-minutes-long cameo, as if that scene made the whole movie....talk about closed-off minds.

This “rant” is the perfect example of why RottenTomatoes reviews are even less reliable than the reviews made by the trolls on YouTube, and should be trusted as much as the chinese clone of some tech product.
See you on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on November 25 2018 | 0 your truths

Selling woes

[EDITED ON 10.01.2018] I sold it! I sold it! After tons of scammers and timewasters, I finally got contacted by a serious buyer who bought my Asus laptop for a reasonable sum; we met last Saturday and I handed over the laptop, getting $350 for it. I'm super-giddy. xD [END EDIT]

[EDITED ON 08.26.2018] An incredible new “height” in potential buyers has been reached today: a guy offered $175 for my $800-value laptop....talk about deluded. LMAO [END EDIT]

Last month I went and decided to sell my Windows laptop - an Asus I bought about nine months ago, in September 2017 - because I got fed up with the sh*t (best fitting word) caused by the o.s.’ April 2018 Update; I knew selling it would be hard....but I never imagined I’d have to deal with so many time-wasters, rude trolls and even spammers. Here’s a short list of most idiotic specimens who contacted me.

- The first offer was from Canada - I only delivery by hand, but either way there was no chance I’d ship to America.
- Then came a man from UK, who gave me his home address for the shipping and took for granted he could pay via wire transfer...helloo? Read the offer, dude.
- The third one was a guy who offered me first $400 - item’s price was $660 - then (just today) $300, because in his mind my 9-months-old like-new laptop is “obsolete”....it’s not, but they guy proved so ignorant about computers it doesn’t even matter.
- Then I got contacted by a kid...posing as an adult at the beginning, but it soon came out he was 11 years old.
- After that I got a phone call from a lady from Sardinia who called me a retarded bi*ch when I told her the item could only be picked up by hand...but she’s the retard who didn’t read the offer.
- Bu the “top” was a spammer who reached to me via Whatsapp...and tried to feed me idiotic “I’m in Italy” BS, when his phone number gave him away as calling from Africa. ROFL

Have to go now, because today I bought the Black Panther, with Chadwick Boseman, DVD and I need to watch it.
See you all on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on June 05 2018 | 0 your truths

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