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Of more deluded buyers

This could be another story of uninformed delusional and/or in denial buyers, but it amused me so much I have to share it.

This morning a guy inquired about a Samsung tablet I’m selling at around $235; my prices are not negotiable, but he still tried to negotiate offering $205. Since he seemed very interested, I tried to meet him halfway and lowered the price to around $220-225….and here’s the amusing part: to get me down to the price he wanted, the guy told me my price was still too high because the tablet is so old it’s no longer sold anywhere….even though I had previously showed him Amazon screenshots of the tablet being sold Used for $380-390 - and showed him more screenshots of it sold New on Amazon for $340 after he said that (made-up) nonsense….which of course shut him up, haven’t heard a peep from him since (and don’t think I will). LMAO
This made me laugh also because if the tablet is that old, why did he want that and not one of the many, more recent alternatives? ((Answer: because what the deluded m0ron really wanted was to pay my not so old tablet cents instead of dollars u_u))

I don’t know if you found the story funny, but this made me almost laugh for the entitlement and audacity of that guy in inventing such a ridiculous lie (proven false in 2 seconds flat).
See you on next entry, guys; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on June 24, 20230 veritatem

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