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Of (too many) things I want

I sold my MacBook Air M2 (which I got in January of last year) for $905 less than a week ago….and I already have chosen several different things I want — but that I’m trying to refrain from buying to try keep the money for once — that would get that amount down by half if not more. LOL Here’s the list.
  • 5 or 6 manga series (I’m an avid manga reader and fan) in Kindle or Kobo edition.
  • 3 Kipling (my absolute top favorite bags and backpacks brand) tote bags.
  • The 7 items saved in my Amazon cart
  • The 6 items saved in my Shein cart.
The Kipling bags alone, if I got all of them, would already amount to $260….so I think you can understand why I’m trying to stop myself — even though it’s hard af. LOL

Sorry for this super short and impromptu post, but thinking about this new and constant struggle to avoid splurging always makes me smile so I thought it’d be a funny thing to share.
See you next time; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on May 27, 20240 veritatem

Of entitled a-holes

I often think of dropping my online selling....because I'm so fu*king tired of dealing with timewasters, sca*mers and above all entitled cheapskates. Today's specimen of the latters in particularly brought this feeling strongly to the forefront...although his audacity was so strong story is kind of funny.

In short: a guy offered first $110 then $120 for a $215 tablet -- which is already K2-levels of entitlement (one must be beyond arrogant to think a seller would accept such a low offer...we're talking 100+ bucks less than the set price); each time I told him "price not negotiable", but he seemed to not understand. So, to make sure I was being absolutely clear, I specified $215 was the final price....at which the guy claimed he had misread the ad priced as being $130....yeah, my foot. Besides the fact that "price unchangeable" means final price would've been $130, there's no fu*king (realistic) change of "misreading" 130 instead of *215* -- one must be beyond entitled to believe someone would fell for such a dumb excuse....the proof of that is how, when I merely hinted politely at not really believing his BS and "joking" on how he hadn't misread but just tried, the a*shole didn't even try to argue and instead just vanished. LMFAO

This in the end made me laugh, so I thought to share the story and for once make you too laugh.
See you all next entry; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on January 19, 20240 veritatem

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