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Lists of cheap yet good hosts

Finding a good host is often very hard: there are huge and famous providers (like Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy, DreamHost, etc.) that look good and worth the hefty prices they ask but are actually crap, and there are small hosts almost nobody knows but are pretty good despite being cheap; so I thought to compile a short list (to not overwhelm you) of hosts I know that fall in the latter category, hoping it helps people in search of an host. Here are the names.
  • BuyShared
  • BeezerHost
  • HostKoala
  • ShockHosting
I’m using or have used all these providers, so I can safely vouch for their quality…but if they look “too” cheap to you, here are a few other that a bit more pricey without being outrageous.
  • WebHostFace
  • GeekStorage
  • HostProto
  • EthernetServers
Again, I’m using or have used all this providers (I’d never recommend a host I’ve never used) and can confirm they’re absolutely fast and reliable, so I hope both lists will help or at least serve as a starting point in your search of a trustworthy provider.

Gotta go now, as there’s a song I wanna search on YouTube and listen to before going to be - it’s 3 am here and I’m pretty sleepy.
See you all on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on April 03, 20230 veritatem

Of d3lusionally demanding buyers

Here we are yet again with another horror story from my online-selling days….but seriously, I don’t remember ever meeting a more arrogant and d3ludely demanding buyer than the one in this story before; but let’s start from the beginning.

At the start of February I ordered a Xiaomi Pad 5 Android tablet on eBay. I regretted the purchase pretty much instantly, and since the seller didn’t accept returns I had to sell it. The last interested buyer is our “protagonist”…before anything, keep in mind he wanted the tablet for pure whim…more precisely to play a (resource-hogging) anime game; but let’s list his demands.

He demanded I make an exception and let him pay with cash on delivery (which I don’t accept).
He demanded to pay half cash on delivery and half bak transfer (completely delusional).
He pretended to know tablets (when in reality he never tried iPads because he’s an Apple hater).
He demanded I ship before receiving the payment (fat chance, you deluded a*shat).
He demanded I wait till he heard from another seller (the usual tactic to push me to lower my price and sell of for fear not selling).
He pretended the tablet was laggy and slower than others he had seen (BS he could not back up when faced with evidence of the contrary).
He demanded to see local warranty (impossibile since the tablet wasn’t officially released in our country and he knew it).
He pretended/expected the tablet to come with pencil, keyboard and cover….over 100 bucks of accessories that in his eyes should be included in the price (absolutely insane).
He demanded I buy said accessories - backing up hearing it would cost extra (of course it would, you selfish j3rk).
He pretended to be a shipping expert (in truth he had never ever seen the basic labels I use).
He demanded, again, to pay cash on delivery…trying to bully me into it (and getting shut down and blocked for it).

This happened several days ago, and I still have no words for this absolute egotistical a*shole… Luckily right after him I got a truly serious (and sensible) buyer whom I sold the tablet to.

Sorry for the long rant, but I absolutely had to share this as he totally deserves to be “shamed” for his attitude.
See you next time; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on March 04, 20230 veritatem

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