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Of more deluded buyers

This could be another story of uninformed delusional and/or in denial buyers, but it amused me so much I have to share it.

This morning a guy inquired about a Samsung tablet I’m selling at around $235; my prices are not negotiable, but he still tried to negotiate offering $205. Since he seemed very interested, I tried to meet him halfway and lowered the price to around $220-225….and here’s the amusing part: to get me down to the price he wanted, the guy told me my price was still too high because the tablet is so old it’s no longer sold anywhere….even though I had previously showed him Amazon screenshots of the tablet being sold Used for $380-390 - and showed him more screenshots of it sold New on Amazon for $340 after he said that (made-up) nonsense….which of course shut him up, haven’t heard a peep from him since (and don’t think I will). LMAO
This made me laugh also because if the tablet is that old, why did he want that and not one of the many, more recent alternatives? ((Answer: because what the deluded m0ron really wanted was to pay my not so old tablet cents instead of dollars u_u))

I don’t know if you found the story funny, but this made me almost laugh for the entitlement and audacity of that guy in inventing such a ridiculous lie (proven false in 2 seconds flat).
See you on next entry, guys; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on June 24, 20230 veritatem

Of nasty domain brokers

There’s a person who has been asking me to sell him this domain. I kept telling him no, he kept coming back again and again….but let me tell you the full story from the beginning.

I bought this TLD (top level domain) around Christmas 2016. The first few years were normal, then around mid-2019 I got the first email from this guy…let’s call him Bram, where he asked me if I’d be willing to sell the domain veritaserum.org to him because, I quote, “I really want it”; I politely refused, saying I was an Harry Potter fan and as such I was not interested in selling. I thought that was it, but in early 2020 right before the pandemic he came back and asked me again if I would sell the TLD using the same “i want it” spiel as before. I refused again, and he backed off again as well….only to come back a few more times between 2020 and 2022 claiming “i want it because i’m a fan” - clearly a lie, he would’ve told as much from the start in that case…or would’ve nabbed the TLD for himself long before I did. But to sum it up after the first try he repeated his offer a total of 7 times: early 2020, late Fall of 2020, March 2021, November 2021, Easter 2022, September 2022 and April 2023….I must give him credit for perseverance.
At my latest refusal of his fairly hefty offer dated the day before yesterday, where I explained it’s not a matter of money, he became pi*sed and rude demanding I sell and going as fair as saying, I quote, “I’d make a much better use of it”….excuse me!? That of cours got him h3ll brought down on him: I told him I knew he was nothing more than a fu*king domain broker, for the reasons I stated earlier in this post and because it was clear his “motivations” were nothing but BS excuses…and so dumb and ridiculous that not even a child would fall for them. He responded he was a professional whereas I was a loser, I replied that was his biggest BS ever as no professional approaches people with that kind of attitude….then blocked his deludely entitled a*s.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to vent a bit - that’s why I waited two day before posting, I was still too pi*sed (and would’ve had to censor myself quite a bit more). Now I feel a bit calmer, and I can even laugh at the audacity of that a-hole. LMAO
See you next time, fellas; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on April 07, 20230 veritatem

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