Incoming new look and shady offers :: April 25 2020 :: posted by annalisa

Just a super-quick post to let you know the site isn't dead and I'm planning to blog again and above all change the site layout very soon. n.n

Also, some time ago I got an email from a guy who wanted me to sell him Veritaserum's domain because (in his words) he wanted to create a site against fake news. Of course I told him if I'd sell this tld, especially to someone most likely lying about why he wanted it - the "site to fight fake news" is clearly nonsense (to say it politely, brutally speaking it's BS), nobody who is serious about making that kind of site would use a name coming from the Harry Potter world - as awesome as it is, Harry Potter is frankly the opposite of professional. That's why I refused the offer...and since then I've never heard from the guy again - which proves my point.

Have to go now, as it's four in the morning here and I'm sleepier than a bear about to hibernate for winter season.
See you on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

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