Of (not so) temporary insanity :: October 07 2020 :: posted by annalisa

I’ve always been a bit crazy...probably more than a bit, to be honest. LOL But what I think what I did this month tops everything else crazy I’ve ever done; but let me share the details and explain.

For the past year I’ve been considering testing out the services of a new mobile provider that broke onto my country’s market a couple of years ago, but I’ve always dropped that idea because my current provider is excellent and I’ve always been extremely happy with it.
I’ve also been thinking about getting a secondary phone and above all number to deal with the swamp of messages from scammers (because of the stuff I’m selling online) coming to main phone and above all to keep the latter hidden. And since I’m kinda fed up with Android phones, I’ve been looking at iPhones as secondary device.
Anway. Last Sunday I was on the aforementioned mobile provider’s site and decided to stop procrastinating, so I finally bit the bullet...and got myself a new phone number and contract; right now I’m waiting for their SIM card to arrive (but it should be here in a few days) so that I can activate and use it. And since I don’t want to use the SIM card on my main phone, I decided to buy an iPhone on Amazon; my idea was to get an iPhone XR 64GB (the model I had been looking at as secondary phone) but, again because I’m crazy, I ended up getting an iPhone 11 128GB (which is about to be shipped to me) - Amazon was having a huge deal on it, but I still paid it around $880 (more precisely 749 Euros)...I paid 880 bucks for a secondary device....O. M. G. o_o
If that ain’t insane, I don’t know what is. What’s it’s even crazier is, if I have to be completely honest with myself, that in truth I got the iPhone mainly because I wanted it to play around with iOS 14 widget....O. M. F. G. LMFAO

Sorry for the craziness-infused post, but I couldn’t keep this down any longer and had to share it. Hopefully you found it at least a little bit funny.
See you on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

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