Of buyer-seller conversations :: November 05 2020 :: posted by annalisa

Small tip for people who want to sell their old things online: be ready and prepared for lots of headaches and (above all) to deal with heaps of penniless timewasters who think that “used” equals dirty/half-broken junk that can be bought paying cents instead of dollars; a good example of this is my last chat with a possible buyer.
The discussed item has a starting price of $200 - I use dollars for readers’ convenience, but the prices were in euros (which means a bit higher).

Buyer ::: Hi, I’m very interested. Is item still available?
Seller (Me) ::: Sure. Price starts at $200, but it’s slightly negotiable.
Buyer ::: Can you do $120? I can pick up the item on my way back from my business trip.
Seller (Me) ::: No, sorry. Item is immaculate and last model, new is $260.
Buyer ::: What about $130?
Seller (Me) ::: No, sorry. The absolute lowest I can do is $165. It’s less than I usually ask (my usual final price is $180), I gave you a further tiny discount because of your detour to pick it up.

No peep. The guy replies a few hours later....yet again trying to lower the price, even after I told him very clearly I wouldn’t go below $165.

Buyer ::: Can you do $150?
Seller (Me) ::: No. I already gave you a larger discount than I usually give to others, and considering the items’ conditions I cannot do less than $165.

Radio silence again, lasting to the following day. Since I heard nothing by dinner time, I messaged him.

Seller (Me) ::: Since I haven’t heard nothing, I’m closing the negotiation and unblocking the item. Sorry we weren’t able to close the deal.
Buyer ::: I’m sorry too. I found another seller who’s giving me a lower price. Thank you.

Basically the timewaster pretended to be very interested only until he thought he could get me to go down to the price he wanted, vanishing when he realized that wasn’t gonna happen and then bailing out for good with a very classic excuse - I’ve heard the “found another seller giving me a lower price” dozens of times, it’s classic BS to push a seller to lower the price further (if he really found a lower price offer, it’s because it’s not the last model) - when I got back to him to follow up on the “super interest” he had claimed (read *faked) to have....what a loser. LMFAO

Sorry for the long post, but I needed to share this because people like him deserve to have others making fun of their ridiculous attempts at buying things without having the required money.
See you all next time; many cheers. XOXO

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