Reason to keep eBay as last shopping resort :: March 18 2021 :: posted by annalisa

Recently I’ve been browsing for an Android phone (costing $500-600 tops) to use as secondary device to manage my sales; right now I’m using an iPhone 11 that I bought last year, but I can’t get used to how iOS runs on it so I’m selling it and switching to Android....more precisely to a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G which I already bought new on Amazon, but only after an attempt to buy it used on eBay. Here’s the full story.

The eBay seller was selling a 6-months-old S20 FE at a seemingly fair price, in the color I wanted as well, and was willing to ship; so, I got in touch with the guy and asked him a couple of normal questions - namely the battery status’ percentage and if the phone was branded or no-brand. Since his reply was very vague as well as based on incorrect facts, I politely explained him some details he was missing and, again super nicely, asked about the (simple and very basic) which the guy never replied back and simply vanished....WTF!?
The questions I asked are totally normal, and ones every aware buyer asks before buying a used phone; the fact the seller ignored them and answered vaguely at most is a pretty big red flag that he was not a serious seller (despite his positive feedback), and it’s the aforementioned reason why eBay should alwasy be kept as an absolutely last resort for your shopping - but I would avoid it altogether.

Sorry for the umpteenth mini-rant, but I couldn’t not share this and not let people know about the shady sides of eBay - which are the biggest part of the platform actually.
See you on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

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