Of unbelievable buyers :: October 16 2021 :: posted by annalisa

It's been a while, sorry guys. :p But now I'm back with new tales of my online selling woes; this time I'm gonna talk of a category of buyers whom I really can't stand, plus a particular episode with an incredibly lazy and opportunistic buyer that happened today.

The category is the condescending cheapskates: all my ads state clearly and multiple times that I don't ship because I prefer meeting the buyer face to face - shipping is an hassle and all online platforms strongly recommend by-hand in-person delivery....yet there are lots of lazy a*ses who agree to hand delivery in the most wanna-punch-you condescending manner as if they were doing me a huge favor....and because of that "favor" they can buy the item with not even pennies but schillings. I'm really getting fed up with this a*shats, so the more time it passes and the more of them I get, the greater and greater are my glee and laughs at refusing their sh*tty offers and seeing them get pi*sed or, better, mad. LMAO

The lazy and opportunistic buyer on the other hand goes like this: today a guy asked me if a touchbar MacBook Pro I'm selling came with pre-installed Photoshop; of course I told him no; so he asked if I could install it for him, but I told him that I'll never install cracked programs....I ain’t gonna spend hours working my a*s off to search and install a working cracked copy for some random stranger…almost certainly for free. The lazy fu*ker can move his a*s and search it himself, I'm not gonna do his job for him.

Sorry for the long ranting post, but when people try to take advantage of me so shamelessly it truly pi*ses me off.
See you all next time; many cheers. XOXO

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