Gfx orders...from bi*ches :: November 30 2017 :: posted by annalisa

For about a year now I've been running a small anime gfx webstore where I offer all the necessary resources to open an ani-manga gx site or blog; since it's an hobbyist store, prices are cheap and I take my time to complete the order....and maybe that's why I must deal with an incredibly opportunistic client.

This girl is my top "aficionado" client, buys thing from me pretty much every couple of weeks....and she seems convinced the option to modify a work equals to get a free brand new one; to give you an example, the requested (more like demanded) "modifications" to her latest order include a new image, new colors and new effects...helloo? Those are not modifications, that's a freaking brand new work you're trying to get for free. I'm tired of being taken advantage of so blatantly, so tomorrow I'm gonna tell her changes to works are only valid for elements of that order and not for the whole order. I can already see her reaction - she's an absolute drama queen (the bad kind) so she's gonna throw a tantrum....but I don't give a rat's arse, I am not making two things for the price of one anymore.

Sorry for the rant, but her latest demands absolutely pi*sed me off and I needed to share this.
See you next time; many cheers. XOXO

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