Of cheapskate buyers :: December 08 2022 :: posted by annalisa

My online sales policy specifies (very clearly in all my ads) prices are not negotiable. That’s because I already sell below current market price - which I carefully check before pricing each item, and keep monitoring in order to . Despite that some literally cheapskates still try to negotiate or bypass the terms to get a discount.

The last of these people is a guy who contacted me about a laptop on sale for about $775 (keep the price in mind as it’s pretty relevant); after I refused his ridiculously low - to the point of being almost insulting - first offer he came back claiming he accepted my price….but after we set up the delivery meeting that it came out he only had $740 at his disposal, and from the way he talked it was clear he believed I’d accept his price to avoid the “trouble” of canceling delivery and finding another buyer and thus was pretty surprised when I shut that down. When he told me (and I quote) «just trying to negotiate a bit, that’s how it works», I replied negotiations aren’t possibile as that’s how “fixed/*non* negotiable” price works….and yeah, as you probably guessed the guy didn’t like that and tried to argue until I reminded him the ad was crystal clear about it so it was all on him for not reading it. The cheapskate of course had no comeback for that, and bailed with some dumb excuse. LMAO

The guy is just the last in a string of m0ronic timewasting cheapskates who either don’t or (more likely and more common) pretend to not know what “non negotiable” means and attempt to barter…I told his story simply because he was the most outlandish.

Sorry for this rant, but I really had to share the story as those idi0ts totally deserve to have their embarassing BS aired to the world.
See you all next time; many cheers. XOXO

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