Of a-hole sellers :: January 18 2019 :: posted by annalisa

‪I need a new phone because mine is no longer getting system and above all security updates, so I looked for online deals - on the same italian platform I’m using to sell my HP laptop....and you wouldn’t believe the a-hole I talked to.

‬‪While browsing the platform I saw a pretty good deal for a Huawei Mate 10 Pro, so I started negotiating price; sadly the seller’s final price was too high for me so I refused its offer, renounced the deal and moved to a new one, thinking that first one was closed....except it wasn’t.
‬‪Today the first seller came back willing to accept my price offer....and got absolutely pissed when I told him I was negotiating another deal - because I believed the one with him was closed for good. He started spewing BS on how he came first so I *had to* buy his product to honor the deal....sorry, but WTF? I hadn’t to do sh*t. I had - stating that crystal clearly - renouced the offer, so any deal that might have existed (and no active one did) was over and sealed and I had every right to start a new negotation with someone else....and sure as fu*k I didn’t *have to buy* anything from him or anyone else.
‬‪Short story, I put the douchebag back in his place - showing him proof that I had renounced the deal so his claims had no ground - and next Monday I have a meeting to pick up my new Samsung Galaxy A9. n.n

‬‪Sorry for the sudden rant, but I had to share this story...the delusional arrogance of that man is astounding.
‬‪Anyway. See you all on next entry; many cheers. XOXO

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