Of turds buyers :: May 11 2019 :: posted by annalisa

[EDITED ON 05.27] The same guy for the collective buying power group contacted me again (this time for a smartphone I’m selling)....acting as if he had never contacted me before. But he ran away and vanished the moment I told him I remembered him and put him back in his place. [/EDITED]

About two months ago in March, I bought an Non-Retina iMac...exclusively because, you know, cheap. I came to regret the purchase almost instantly (also because due to a shi*ty home network, the iMac doesn't let me browse the internet), so of course I put it for sale on the platform where I sold my old pcs....and, just like for those computers, I got contacted by several absolute turds.

The last and (so far) dumbest one was a guy from a collective buying power group who "harassed" me for two days trying to convince me to sell the iMac to his group; I refused for two reasons: the guy wanted me to ship the iMac to him - which is not happening, my ad is very clear about that - and he also tried to feed me some "a group is the same as a private citizen" BS...not to mention an iMac is a bit different from a groceries list. When I refused to sell him the iMac, he got pi*sed and called me a rude bi*ch....when he was the one trying to buying something pretending to disregard and ignore the sale's terms. Sorry, but that's not how things roll. That guy needs a serious reality check.

Another buyer (a girl) instead try to convince me for days to lower my old Huawei phone's price using sadness emojis...and she really thought that would work....as if. ROFL

Sorry for the rant, but the guy managed to pi*s me off and I needed to vent.
See you all next time; many cheers. XOXO

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