..to Ana's blog Veritaserum, where she unveils her life's details from a keyboard; the site is online since 12/12/2016 thanks to her host WebHostFace.

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The truth of things

I strongly wanted to have a blog; the opening of Veritaserum lies all in that simple thing.
I've always admired the bloggers who do it for passion, not for money or fame, and have always wanted to have my own blog; one day I couldn't resist and decided to open Amaranthine...which started as a subdomain but soon evolved to full *.eu tld, both hosted by Toxicblush.
Amaranthine only lasted a few months because I got tired of the name very soon and, above all, did not like the.eu tld (the cheapest one at the registrar), so I bought the domain Veritaserum.org - who represents me way more - and moved first to fully professional TMDHosting then, when TMD tried to bill me double my fee and kept lying about it, to my favorite host WebHostFace. ♥

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